Reopening Paul Delvaux Museum

2 April 2022

Sint-Idesbald (Koksijde), the seaside town along the Belgian coast, is this year celebrating the birthday of the internationally renowned artist Paul Delvaux and his museum. Paul Delvaux acquired international fame with his portraits of naked women and trains.

Paul Delvaux was born in 1897, now 125 years ago, and forty years ago the Paul Delvaux Museum opened its doors. Two good reasons for Sint-Idesbald to put its most famous inhabitant in the spotlight in 2022. This will happen with the reopening of the Paul Delvaux Museum on Saturday 3 April. The artist also serves as inspiration for the open-air exhibition Cabin Art. This unique open-air exhibition on the Zeedijk (promenade ed.) in Sint-Idesbald is in its 14th edition this year. The works of art inspired by Paul Delvaux can be admired on the beach cabins of Sint-Idesbald from 14 May to 11 September 2022.

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