Passion of Voices in the Park Abbey Leuven

29 April to 9 May 2021

Heavenly sounds are promised by "Passion of Voices", the high-profile polyphonic festival in Leuven. In the elegant setting of the baroque church of the Park Abbey and the Sint Pieterskerk, old pieces of music are given new life and and scores are reinterpreted. Flemish polyphonic music is gradually being rediscovered in this way.

Just like the Flemish Primitives in the art world, Flemish composers took the world by storm during the Renaissance. They became famous with compositions of polyphonic music. This style arose from the unanimous Gregorian music and always added a voice. The pieces of music grew into particularly complex sound structures, whereby each singer had to be able to combine several parts. The lyrics also became increasingly important. Since the 15th century, composers from the Netherlands and Belgium (‘flaminghi’) were considered the ultimate reference for this style of music.

The concerts are performed by internationally renowned artists such as (in recent years) the Ensemble Cappella Mariana from Prague, the Collegium Vocale Gent or the Ensemble Sollazzo from Switzerland.

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