Opening of the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy in Brussels

18 September 2020

Six centuries ago, Brussels belonged to the rich and powerful Dukes of Burgundy. Today a very special treasure, a unique and fascinating collection of manuscripts, bears witness to this: the highlights of the masterpieces that have survived the ravages of time and of history will be presented by the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), in a new museum. The stylish backdrop for the 'Library of the Dukes of Burgundy' is the 16th century Chapel of Nassau and its various surrounding rooms.

Visitors can not only admire the illuminated manuscripts, but also immerse themselves in Europe's medieval cultural past and the history of books.

In total, the KBR holds almost 300 original manuscripts, produced between the end of the 14th and the end of the 15th century, which are among the masterpieces of French and Flemish miniatures. In addition to lesser-known artists, such as Willem Vrelant, Jan de Tavernier, Simon Marmion or Lieven van Lathem, who were true celebrities in their time, works by Jan Van Eyck or Rogier van der Weyden are also presented. The focus will be on all areas of medieval thinking: literature, history, science, morals, religion, philosophy, law, poetry and heroic epics.

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