Opening of the Ensor Experience Center

14 July 2020

It is intended to be more than just a museum: from summer 2020, visitors to the new Ensor Experience Center in Ostend will be able to immerse themselves in the extraordinary universe of James Ensor, the grand master of Belgian surrealism. Virtual reality, multimedia and interactive technologies will make project Ensor's favourite places appear onto an area of 1,100 square metres and will immerse visitors to authentic places where the artist has spent time. From 1917 until his death in 1949, James Ensor lived in Ostend, the coastal town that strongly influenced him and his work. The Ensor Experience Center complements the artist's bizarrely furnished home with the family's old souvenir shop, not far from the seafront promenade, which for years, has delighted generations of beach-lovers.

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