KNAL! City Festival of the Big Bang

16 October 2021 to 30 January 2022

Did you know that the Big Bang theory was written in Leuven? With his groundbreaking research into the origins of our universe.professor Georges Lemaître put Leuven firmly on the map.

‘KNAL! City Festival of the Big Bang’ unites science and art in exhibitions, installations, performances, happenings, lectures and much more.

What to expect? Prestigious exhibitions such as ‘Imagining the universe’ at M Leuven and ‘To the edge of time’ at the University Library, an innovative music program in with the cosmos as a source of inspiration (25 Nov – 5 Dec 2021), lectures and debates bringing together Flemish top scientists and international leaders, a family friendly program ‘Big Bang for Kids’, etc…


Bild: ©Lander Loeckx

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