Jan van Eyck in Bruges

Until 8 November 2020

This exhibition is devoted to two masterpieces by Van Eyck as Burgundian court painter in Bruges: Madonna of Canon Joris Van der Paele and the Portrait of his wife, Margaretha van Eyck. Visitors will familiarise themselves about Jan van Eyck during his time in Bruges and learn what the artist did in Bruges and where he lived, by means of authentic documents. Technical investigations show how the painter proceeded in the conception of his paintings and how he sometimes made profound changes during his work. The exhibition also focuses on Joris van der Paele who had an impressive career at the Roman Curia, during the extremely turbulent 15th century. He bore witness to the power-games which were played out between the Pope and the Antipope and was involved with negotiations concerning the Hundred Years‘ War and the councils.

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