Fleuramour at Alden Biesen

24 to 27 September 2021

For a quarter of a century Fleuramour has been an established name in the events world. For four days the ‘Landcommanderij Alden Biesen’ transforms into a fairy-tale world full of flowers.

Due to COVID-19 it was decided to have a smaller and completely corona safe edition this year, with an outlined course through the castle and the lawns in front of the castle. To avoid large numbers of people in a room or space, the program will not contain demonstrations or indoor shows. Sales booths are - for now - limited, but this may change depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

Because the event is being organised differently, the standards are being set extra high on the artistic level. The theme 'A castle deserves art' speaks for itself. The international character is maintained by pairing up a Belgian florist with a foreign florist, who will work on the design from a distance.

Enter the wonderful world of "Fleuramour" and be part of the magic!

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