14 October 2021 to 14 May 2022

Next year’s edition of Europalia - one of the most prominent international arts festivals in Europe – will be dedicated to trains. Why? Because numerous railway anniversaries will then be celebrated: the 175th anniversary of the first ever rail link between two EU capitals (Paris-Brussels), as well as 40 years of TGV and 30 years of ICE. Furthermore the European Commission has declared 2021 the European Year of Rail.

This is a great opportunity for EUROPALIA to dedicate a festival to an invention that changed the world. EUROPALIA TRAINS & TRACKS will highlight the impact of the train on society - both yesterday and today - and will work in various artistic disciplines around contemporary themes such as mobility, sustainability, technology and time. Events will take place in cultural centres but also and especially in stations and trains all over Belgium and in other European countries, where (emerging) artists will enter into dialogue with architecture, travellers and railroad staff.

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