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until 18 April 2021 TEMPORARILY CLOSED


The legendary city gate Porte de Hal/ Halleport dating from 1381 was part of the second city wall of ancient Brussels. Now, a virtual gate to Bruegel's universe opens here. Modern virtual reality technology allows visitors to experience the moving themes of the 16th century, as if they were right in the midst of it: Catholicism and the Reformation, the exploration of the world, war, peace, culture, arts and much more are illustrated with original artefacts from the Royal Museums of Art and History. Treasures from the New World, musical instruments, scientific measuring instruments, as well as weapons and armour are presented. Short films on large screens bring Bruegel's paintings to life. All of this can be seen in a remarkable building that the Flemish master probably saw and often passed through every day, while living and working in Brussels. At the top of the city gate, visitors can enjoy an impressive view of the city, and high-tech binoculars provide a virtual image of Brussels and the surrounding landscape in Bruegel's time.

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